The Globe Gallery, newly established on Canyon Road, is breathing fresh forms into the contemporary art scene. The Globe features established mid-career painters along with younger visionaries just emerging. This space is filled with light, color, and variety.

The blown glass is levitated to effortless whimsy while balanced by the grandeur and gravitas of masterly painters in a variety of mediums.

Sculptural forms of stone and iron are both graceful and primitive. The Globe Gallery emphasizes excellence in all areas of production and presentation, But above all, we value originality. We offer the opportunity to see something fresh, Surprising, inspired and inspiring.

The opening of the Globe coincides with the celebration of the 400th birthday Of Shakespeare who reminded all artists whose task it is,“…To hold the mirror up To nature…. to show the very age and body of the time its form and pressure.” That’s why our gallery represents ‘Art For The Theater of Life.’